L3904E Linerless Label Print and Apply System

Nov. 28, 2023

2023 NED Innovation Award Finalist

The L3904E Linerless Label Print and Apply System reduces environmental impact by taking the waste-heavy process of traditional labeling and completely eliminating the label liner and spent thermal transfer ribbon, which are typically thrown in the trash. Labels up to 4.65-in. (118 mm) wide are printed onto direct thermal, linerless label stock and accurately applied to products, cases, and pallets.


A standard 4-in. (102 mm) wide label on a 12-in. (305 mm) O.D. label roll generates approximately 500 ft2 (46 m2) of liner waste per roll. If a company uses one 12-in. (305 mm) O.D. roll/shift at 3 shifts/day, 1,500 ft2 (139 m2) of label liner is added to the waste stream in one day and 7,500 ft(697 m2)/5 day week or 390,000 ft(36,232 m2)/year. Additionally, each thermal transfer ribbon generates 656 ft2 (61 m2) of ribbon waste per 12-in. (305 mm) O.D. label roll. Assuming the same usage, that's 9,840 ft(914 m2)/week and 511680 ft(47,536 m2)/year of ribbon waste thrown away. 


The addition of an electric application cylinder also reduces environmental impact by eliminating the high energy consumption of factory air. As the cost of running a compressed air system consumes up to 8x more than electric alone, not including the cost of peripheral systems such as drying stations, the cost savings of using an electric cylinder can be significant.


An additional benefit of linerless is being able to have more labels per roll, meaning longer production between roll changes, as the system uses continuous stock cut to size and eliminates the waste of the gap between labels.

  • Significant reduction in environmental impact
  • Linerless SATO printing technology
  • All electric design
  • Addressable Allen Bradley PLC Controller
  • Up to 600 dpi print resolution
  • 16-in. (406 mm) O.D. label roll capacity
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Variety of application methods
  • Media Width: 2.36 to 4.65 in. (60 to 118 mm)
  • Max. Print Width: 4.09 in. (104 mm)
  • Min. Label Length: 1.18 in. (30 mm)
  • Max. Label Length: Application dependent
  • Label Roll: 3 in. I.D.x 16 in. O.D. (76 x 406 mm)