Heavy-Duty Angle Heads

June 20, 2020

A line of standard and custom angle heads are available in all popular sizes and styles to accommodate today’s machine tools and CNC machining center builders.


Designed for heavy milling, deep drilling, and tapping operations often found in the off-highway, energy, rail and other heavy-duty industries, this line of angle heads features twin or double twin sets of matched angular contact bearings plus a rear radial support bearing, ensuring maximum stability in use. 


All the gears on these angle heads have inclined teeth made from high-resistance gear steel and have been specially hardened, ground, and lapped in sets to provide the smoothest transmission output possible. 


Heimatec angle heads are made from high-tensile strength aluminum.  High-precision spindle bearings maintain the highest possible spindle concentricity. 


Full 360-deg. body rotation with positive compression locking, 90º incremental repositioning without indicating, maximum torque to 150 Nm, gear ratio 1:1 standard with others available, spindle speeds to 18,000 rpm and interchangeable torque arms are other standard features of this line from Heimatec. 


CAT 40, BT 40, BT 30, HSK 63A, CAT 50, BT 50 and HSK 100A taper styles are available, as well as custom modifications such at 18” extension shafts.  Offset, Slim, Dual and Adjustable styles.  Heimatec offers a full one-year warranty on all parts and labor.