Managing pallet rack inspections and issues efficiently, Damotech's Platform serves as a centralized solution to keep all documentation related to racks up to date. It facilitates the sorting and reporting of deficiencies found during a conformity inspection of the racking systems and ensures consistency in reporting across multiple facilities. In addition, the cloud-based software can be accessed from anywhere on the web.


It's the ideal solution for multi-warehouse operations and an integral part of any rack safety program. Intended for those looking to understand the level of safety in each of their facilities, it greatly simplifies the tracking of inspection results, keeps all images of rack damage and issues in one place and facilitates the management of rack maintenance post-inspection.


The inspection software provides a visual representation of a warehouse in plan view. The intuitive interface makes it easy to zoom in on rack locations, view the status of deficiencies, and track progress toward addressing them. A list of all inspections and deficiencies are visible and can be sorted or generated in a report.


For each location where deficiencies are reported, the rack inspection software makes it easy to access data entered by our conformity engineers. View pictures taken during the inspection, flagged issues and missing components and then sort them by priority levels.


Get a visual overview of the current state of your rack systems with a real-time dashboard. Easily monitor issue distribution by warehouse location, rack issue type, rack component or priority level.