SnapControl Multi-Agent Warehouse Software

March 21, 2023
Synergy Logistics' multi-agent orchestration platform provides a device-agnostic, unified approach to automation.

SnapControl is a multi-agent platform within the SnapFulfil WMS that creates a device-agnostic, uniform approach to automation. The software prioritizes the work for you, automatically assigning tasks and workflows, evaluating which devices or equipment best match specific operations, and capturing data to assess the value of each device.


It connects to all types of devices, including but not limited to, RF, AMRs, conveyors, palletizers, putwalls, and AS/RS. Plus, it connects those devices in any possible transport method (API, CSV, etc.); if one type stops working, you can easily switch over to another device without stopping operations.


SnapControl uses bi-directional MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT) messaging and decision-making between the WMS and the devices, automatically making the warehouse decisions for you.


Synergy says the software is ideal for mixed portfolios and multiple vendors, able to work with SnapFulfil's or other third-party WMSs, OMSs or e-commerce systems.


Essentially, SnapControl accelerates integration and gives you the freedom to choose the devices that best fit your tasks.

  • Quickly add new devices to your warehouse
  • Connect to all types of devices & systems
  • Automatically allocate or reassign tasks
  • Prioritize inbound, outbound, replenishment
  • Create buffers for delaying tasks and manage exceptions
  • Real-time device switchover
  • Fully scalable and flexible
  • Implement an integrated solution in 60 to 90 days