Inspection App for Fleet Managers

Jan. 16, 2020
Temeda's telematics app allows operators to perform inspections from anywhere and submit them immediately.

Temeda has introduced a new feature to its telematics application that promises to drastically decrease paperwork and provide immediate access to maintenance records. The Vehicle and Equipment Inspection feature allows operators in the field to perform inspections from anywhere and submit them immediately. Temeda's fully DOT compliant software solutions to help commercial and industrial firms capture and utilize business intelligence for total lifecycle management, productivity optimization and operating cost minimization.


Not only can users in the field perform complete equipment inspections on their phones using Temeda's mobile app, but they can also then assess the inspections in real-time and take appropriate action for assets with warnings or failed inspections. The employee can create maintenance tickets as soon as the asset fails inspection, and fleet managers and service technicians can verify when corrective actions are taken. The module unites all parties connected to the inspection and keeps information updated and in one, central place.


To support the inspection process, users can upload photos and key documents, as well as use their phone's speech-to-text feature to easily add comments. If a task is failed, photos and comments can explain what happened and why. Users have complete flexibility to customize tasks and inspection types for their particular fleets, and the module is fully compliant with DOT regulations and the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations §396.11. While the mobile app allows the greatest on-the-go flexibility, the vehicle and equipment inspection module are also available on Temeda's web app.