A conveyor belt cleaner has been designed with an innovative method of holding the urethane blade in place without the need to mill any slots for holding pins. Combining the benefits of previous designs into one product, the QC1+TM Belt Cleaner can be cut to length to fit virtually any application, reducing the need for customers to stock multiple blade sizes to accommodate different belt widths. Operators simply trim the blade to the desired size from the stock 9-ft (2.74 meters) length to match the material path, slide in the blade holders and lock them in position. The blade can be retrofitted to virtually any Martin mainframe and most competing designs.


The mainframes on the QC1+ are 3-piece assemblies, with a square center section and a torque tube sliding into each end.  The tubes are formed from high-strength steel and engage in the corners of the square mainframe. They transmit the torque from the tensioner through the tubes and into the mainframe to maintain blade tension. 


The torque tube lock collars are designed to be an interference fit with the square mainframe. To assemble, the tube is installed first, then the collars are added and set in position.  The length of the mainframe is adjusted next, and finally, the set screws on the collars are tightened down. In most applications, the simple sequence can be performed by a single worker in just a few minutes. The new design is compatible with any of the Martin tensioning systems.


Five different urethane formulations are currently available for the QC1+:

  • Standard orange for most applications (approved by MSHA for mining applications)
  • Brown for chemical resistance
  • Green for high-temperature applications
  • Clear for dry products such as sand and gravel
  • Navy blue for tacky materials such as cement