N2 Position Indicator

Dec. 14, 2022
Martin Engineering's N2 Position Indicator automatically tracks and reports the condition and remaining service life of the conveyor cleaner blade.

2022 NED Innovation Award Finalist

The N2 Position Indicator automatically monitors the cleaner blade, tracking and reporting its condition and remaining service life. The device notifies maintenance personnel when re-tensioning or replacement is required or when abnormal conditions occur. 


Managers and service technicians can quickly access info on any networked cleaner via cell phone or computer to obtain real-time data. Position Indicators can be mounted up to 2,625 ft (800 m) from the cellular gateway, and the robust, sealed construction means they are virtually immune from damage. 


Up to 50 units can be monitored by a single gateway connected to the Internet. The system does not require a cellular line for each PI, instead communicating via radio frequency from each sensor to the gateway. Only the gateway requires constant 110V power. The device gives technicians precise information, delivering critical intelligence and reducing exposure to moving conveyors, improving both efficiency and safety. 


Maintenance planning is simplified by having detailed information available on demand, allowing service personnel to deliver and install replacement wear parts during scheduled outages. Belt cleaner inspection time is basically eliminated, as workers no longer need to physically view the cleaners to determine the tension or wear status. The PI also reduces the time workers need to spend near the moving conveyor, helping to minimize the potential for accidents.

  • Know when blade change is required
  • Know when to re-tension
  • Know when the blade is not in contact with the belt
  • Immediate warning of any substantial change in temperature