3D Face Scanning Solution

Jan. 18, 2020

Bellus3D ARC, a revolutionary multi-camera 3D face scanning solution, captures commercial grade, full 3D face scan with the click of a single button in less than three seconds. The unique system provides near-instant capture with no moving parts and requires no movement by the subject.


Bellus3D ARC is a configurable arrangement of up to seven ARC smart depth-sensing WiFI cameras. Bellus3D ARC was developed in response to the market demand by a wide variety of industries that require facial measurements for a personalized and custom product fit. Initial target markets for the ARC solution include dental, eyewear, cosmetics, medical, virtual and augmented reality, and gaming.


Bellus3D ARC is the first mobile, multi-camera, 3D capturing system that can be used without the need of an operator. The system consists of a Windows-based host device and a configurable array of 3D vision cameras arranged in a semicircular arc surrounding a subject's head. Each ARC 3D vision camera contains a high-res RGB sensor and IR sensors with a structured light projector, and an embedded mobile processor running on Android OS. The cameras capture and process data in parallel from different camera angles and send the data wirelessly to the host device. The host device merges data from all cameras to generate a full head model in a few seconds using Bellus3D patented proprietary face-scanning software.


The system can be configured as a four-camera system for face-only capture or expanded up to a seven camera configuration for full head capture. The included configuration mounting frame incorporates a standard VESA mount for easy mounting on industry-standard armatures and desktop stands. The ARC camera is also available as a single-camera solution, which requires the user to turn their head during scanning as with the previous generation of Bellus3D face-scanning cameras.