Multifunctional Laser Handheld 3D Scanner

May 10, 2022
SHINING 3D Technology's FreeScan UE Pro multifunctional laser handheld 3D scanner has a built-in photogrammetric module.

As a multifunctional laser handheld 3D scanner, the FreeScan UE Pro inherits the high-precision, metrology-grade accuracy, and lightweight design of the FreeScan UE while improving the ability of fine scanning and global precision control of large-scale workpiece scanning.

It adopts 26+5+1 blue laser lines and has a built-in photogrammetric module. Considering speed, accuracy, and details, this professional 3D metrology solution can be applied to different sized scanning scenarios and perform metrology-grade accuracy inspection, reverse design, additive manufacturing, and other applications.


With accuracy up to 0.02 mm, it delivers consistent scanning results with high precision. It also delivers easy operation with the ergonomic design and user-friendly scanning software that shortens the learning curve.


Additional features include global precision control, a wide range of material adaptations, and multiple scanning modes, including 13 cross laser lines to scan large objects quickly, five parallel laser lines to scan fine details, and one single laser line for deep hole and narrow area scanning.

  • Metrology-grade high accuracy
  • Global precision control
  • Multiple scanning modes
  • Easy operation
  • Wide range of material adaptations
  • Fine and rich details
  • Seamless docking to inspection and design software