Industrial Air Curtains

Dec. 9, 2019


Fanquip’s stainless steel industrial air curtains are suitable in just about all new construction projects, particularly those buildings which will be used in food handling or primary industry.


Simple in design, this technology is specifically made with stainless steel construction to provide long life and keep it applicable even to the most sensitive industries.


Potential for rust is all but eliminated and keeping the unit clean is very simple.


The Fanquip air curtain technology also covers all the mandatory expectations of such equipment, ensuring the end-user is totally compliant with its own industry expectations.


In fact, Fanquip air curtains exceed the AQIS standards: a velocity of 8m/s at 900mm above the floor across the entire opening, and a minimum stream thickness of 50mm.


The technology keeps flies out of premises, retains the integrity of cold storage premises, allows excellent visibility and access and is rated IP56 or IP66 as an option.


Satisfying the stringent requirements of AQIS and MSQA for hygiene and atmospheric control, Fanquip’s range of air curtains helps ensure a company maintains the standards expected by its own clients and its industry demands.


With curtain widths available in 900, 1200, and 1,500 mm, Fanquip air curtains can be utilized to cover all doorway dimensions.