FabricAir CFD Design Service

Aug. 27, 2021
FabricAir CFD Service is the industry’s first CFD program designed specifically for predicting fabric duct air dispersion system efficiency and efficacy.

FabricAir CFD Service is the HVAC industry’s first true 3D computational fluid dynamics program designed specifically for fabric ducting. The service helps North American HVAC consulting engineers and contractors predict the efficiency and efficacy of a commercial building’s fabric air dispersion system design prior to construction.


The software program confirms a commercial ventilation design’s airflow patterns, temperature distribution, and velocities or identifies potentially inaccurate performance issues before factory fabrication and site installation. The software also calculates the flow patterns, pressure loss, air velocity, temperature, and other parameters affecting ventilation design.


Many fabric duct manufacturers offer free theoretical analysis sheets labeled as CFD. However, those analyses are often spreadsheet-based, two-dimensional X/Y axis graphs with airstream centerlines exiting ductwork without critical details, such as diffusion patterns, room air mixing, and movement. Conversely, the FabricAir CFD Service uses true CFD modeling that’s customized to each project and 90% more accurate than analysis spreadsheets. Its comprehensiveness is comparable to CFD services offered by CFD consultants, but up to five times less expensive. FabricAir has always offered analysis sheets and will continue the program for those engineers simply wanting a quick, theoretical representation of where ventilation air will disperse and its velocity.


The FabricAir CFD Service offers three different packages to fit any project’s time availability, complexity, and budget:

  1. 3D Essential offers one or two flow models in a representation of data analysis from a partial section of the conditioned space. It’s ideal in projects where supply air is parallel to return air when the system comprises up to two flow models.
  2. 3D Standard offers up to three flow models and more detailed analysis with three-section views demonstrating occupant comfort aspects throughout the space and an overview of air movement seen in all dimensions
  3. 3D Premium is designed for complex projects requiring a higher degree of customization with up to four flow models. Five sectional cuts can report occupant comfort in specific locations and an air movement overview seen in all dimensions regardless of room complexity. The package includes full animation, probes that provide a particular spot’s air velocity and temperature, plus external elements such as machine heat sources, wind and snow loads, movables, and window panels.


All three FabricAir CFD Service packages culminate with a multi-page report for client presentations. Each report includes graphs, diagrams, and other images combined with descriptions on room geometry, ventilation systems, CFD simulation results/review, vector overview, temperature distribution, and a summary/recommendation page. Design rectifications due to negative results can be rerun at no extra charge.