Subfreezing Dryer

Nov. 6, 2019

By incorporating its 146 years of engineering expertise and heritage, Ingersoll Rand has designed a dryer that is the first of its kind. The Subfreezing Dryer is the world’s first dryer that provides -4° F pressure dew point at 70% lower energy costs and 40% smaller footprint than that of traditional desiccant dryers. Ingersoll Rand’s new Subfreezing Dryer is compatible with oil-flooded rotary compressors, oil-free rotary compressors, centrifugal compressors and reciprocating compressors.


The Subfreezing Dryer supplies a constant ISO Class 3 -4°F pressure dew point air, regardless of changes in demand or ambient temperatures. This allows customers to dependably meet the compressed air needs of their operation.


The Subfreezing Dryer has a lower total cost of ownership than traditional regenerative desiccant dryers and has an 80% lower maintenance cost than drum dryers. Unlike drum and desiccant dryers, there is no costly periodic desiccant replacement, and with no desiccant required, downstream particulate filtering is not needed.