Inductive Proximity Switch

Dec. 7, 2019

Reduce downtime, protect expensive equipment, and safeguard operations with DAZIC PROX-MICRO inductive proximity switch. This non-contacting speed-sensing device is ideal for use with conveyor systems or other shaft-driven components.


The PROX-MICRO can be installed in applications where access is limited such as small or tight locations, as well as high temperature or high vibration installations while providing a remote placement of the controller for easier user access. An enhanced microcontroller and proprietary internal software precisely monitor the RPM rate of a rotating ferrous target by converting pulses from the ferrous target to an electrical signal. The switch provides an instant alert or relay throw if rotation stops or deviates from standard operating parameters.


Features include a large sensing range up to 30,000 RPM based on application-appropriate, user-defined, pulse per revolution settings; underspeed monitoring from 20% to 99% of running speed; and status and relay indicating LEDs. A universal 85-305VAC @ 50/60 Hz power input is standard. Its 3-wire, 10-30 VDC NPN type M18mm shielded N.O. sensor has a 0.315” (8 mm) sensing distance and is supplied with a 6-ft cable. The PROX-MICRO is packaged in a NEMA 4/5 powder-coated, cast-iron enclosure with a transparent Lexan cover for dust and moisture protection.