CrossMerge label applicator module for print & apply labeling is ideal for high-volume secondary packaging lines, the patent-pending CrossMerge technology increases label output at the same time it simplifies mechanics and improves print quality and barcode readability.


By rotating the print head, CrossMerge optimizes the conditions for both barcode printing and label application. To produce well-defined edges and ensure the best scores when verified, the bars of linear barcodes run parallel to the direction of feed (called ‘picket fence’ printing), rather than perpendicular (called ‘ladder’ printing). Unlike traditional print & apply labelers that must produce linear barcodes in the non-preferred ‘ladder’ direction to apply GS1-compliant labels in landscape orientation, CrossMerge prints barcodes in the preferred ‘picket fence’ direction and applies labels in landscape orientation. Rotating the print head also enables CrossMerge to increase output and decrease print speed to reduce print head wear and tear and further improve print quality.