Dry Transformer Gets Smaller and Lighter

Oct. 15, 2019
SGB-USA reshaped the dry transformer to save on footprint, reduce sound levels, weight, and improve efficiency.

Revolutionizing the dry type transformer, the Compact Core VPI transformer offers a triangular core construction that provides a symmetrical pattern and also has a lack of joints between core laminations to create a dramatic effect on the characteristics of the transformer. This construction methodology provides savings in areas such as footprint, reduction in sound levels, weight, harmonic content, stray magnetic fields, improved efficiency levels, and life expectancy extension.


With power ratings up to 3,000KVA and primary voltage class up to 27kV, the Compact Core VPI provides a unique solution for many markets such as utility, industrial and commercial applications and can be used in substations, factories, mines, windmills, large public buildings like high rise buildings, hospitals, shopping malls, and datacenters.


For more demanding environments where space can be a premium, the Compact Core features a reduced length to allow the transformer to be placed in a wider variety of locations with length restrictions. The smaller footprint will have a variance of approximately 15 to 35%, depending on design parameters and construction. This Compact Core transformer design will provide weight reduction by an average of 20%.


Due to the reduced core mass and lack of joints, the sound level of the transformer is reduced by approximately 5 to 10dB when comparing against a traditional stacked core.

  • Single vacuum-pressure cycle process = 2 Mil polyester resin coating
  • 220°C Insulation System
  • Product Scope
    • 112.5KVA – 3,000KVA
    • Primary Voltage: 600V through 27kV
    • Primary BIL: Up to 95kV
    • Secondary Voltages: Up to 1,000V
    • Secondary BIL: Up to 30kV
    • Temperature Rises: 80/100/115/150°C