SCT5564 Ring-Type Current Transformer

June 28, 2022
The SCT5564 device from Beckhoff Automation provides a universal current-sensitive ring-type current transformer that meets the EN/IEC 62020-1 standard.

Meeting the EN/IEC 62020-1 standard, the SCT5564 ring-type current transformer offers a universal current-sensitive measurement system for AC and DC differential currents; with greater differential current measurement, it increases system efficiency and uptime. Its use in machine monitoring ensures increased system availability and minimized maintenance costs through early detection of insulation faults.


The transformer (type B/B+) can be used as a residual current monitor (RCM) and can measure DC and AC residual currents with up to 100 kHz frequency in the 0 to 2 A range. This RCM is suitable for a range of systems engineering applications, offering advantages in both the planning phase of an industrial plant and during expansions to include new loads that operate with DC voltages or high switching frequencies.


It has an analog 4...20 mA output that represents the real-time RMS value (TRMS) of the measured differential current. In addition, a potential-free relay output (NO/NC) with freely selectable residual current can be used for warning purposes or system shutdown if the TRMS residual current measured value exceeds the preset value.

  • Transformer opening: 2.76 in. (70 mm)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 5.96 x 6.34 x 3.28 in. (151.3 x 161 x 83.4 mm)
  • Operating/storage temperature: -4 to +131°F/-40 to +185°F (-20 to +55°C/-40 to +85°C)