Intelligent Box Opening Device (IBOD)

Aug. 26, 2019
In an effort to reduce the number of workplace injuries occurring in its warehouse, Ralawise called on TM Robotics to automate the process.






The Intelligent Box Opening Device (IBOD), is a case cutting and extraction machine from CASI, a specialist machine builder of automation systems for fulfillment processes. The IBOD is a specially designed, pass-through box opener. Using built-in intelligence, the machine can measure the size of every incoming case to find the programmed cut lines on each carton. As the machine is automatically self-feeding and self-aligning, using a conveyor, it does not require a human worker to tamper with boxes or blades.


The IBOD comes in two variations, to suit varying types of warehousing applications. The IBOD ONE, the smaller of the two models, can cut the top cases of cartons at a rate of up to 450 cartons per hour, whereas the IBOD DUO can operate at a rate of 750 cartons per hour. Ralawise chose the IBOD ONE for use in its box opening processes.


Using photo optic and linear displacement, the IBOD measures the dimensions of each box before positioning it for cutting. With a programmable motion device, the robot then uses software-controlled automation to cut boxes according to the precise specifications defined by the customer.