Ultra-Comfortable Hard Hats

July 17, 2019
Ergodyne's lineup of hard hats is a first for the company and are available in both full-brim or cap style and Class C or E protection.


Ergodyne announced a major addition to their Skullerz lineup of personal protective equipment with the launch of their new hard hats, available in both full-brim or cap style and Class C or Class E protection. This line of hard hats is a first for the company.


Built with a lightweight, flexible, and airy 4-point suspension that can be easily adjusted for size with one hand, Skullerz Hard Hats offer workers improved balance, ventilation and fit for all-day comfort. Adjustable vents that workers can open or close depending on the weather are also available in Class C models, while removable sweatbands and breathable, moisture-wicking top pads come standard with all models to counter the effects of working in the heat.


Answering a common issue when it comes to securing a headlamp to a hard hat, all Skullerz Hard Hats are designed with a front and rear integrated slot to securely attach Ergodyne’s new removable, magnetic headlamp – which is available separately or included with some models. Additional considerations like accessory slots to comfortably accommodate other common personal protective gear accessories such as ear protection, face shields, and chin straps round out this hard hat’s offering of worker-first details.


Skullerz Hard Hats are tested to meet and exceed industry safety standards and are certified to be worn forward or reverse donning.