SHK-1 Vented Hard Hat

April 12, 2023
Studson's innovative hard hats combine head protection components from gravity sports with modern industrial safety features for superior safety.

Designed specifically for the industrial trades, the SHK-1 safety helmet uses cutting-edge head protection components traditionally used in gravity sports but has never been used together in an industrial safety helmet.


Koroyd welded tubes crumple instantly on impact to absorb maximum force to protect your skull and brain from direct and angled impacts, reducing the risk of severe injuries. A replaceable helmet pad reduces the sharp twisting and compression of the brain during angled or oblique impacts which is the primary cause of concussions. The helmet also features an integrated chip based on NFC technology that stores emergency contacts and critical medical information to allow first responders to access vital data when seconds matter.


The rear brim of the helmet is designed to deflect rain off of your head and comes with an additional flat rear for a cap-style look. The chin strap has a magnetic buckle enclosure with an adjustable 4-point nylon strap to allow for easy adjustability, even while only using one hand. Overall, the innovative-looking helmet blends elements from traditional hard hats while providing a modern look for the wearer.


Accessories include a visor with under-brim integration, clip-on ear protection, rear brim molecularity, and 4 headlamp clips.

  •  ANSI Z89.1- 2014; meets European standard EN 12492:2012 
  • Certified Type II, Class C
  • Vented design keeps rain out while providing greater impact protection and increased breathability
  • Rear dial tightens and loosens
  • Comfortable enough to wear through the entire workday
  • 360-deg. fit system with 0.8 in. (20 mm) of adjustability for all head shapes and sizes
  • Weighs only 1 lb. (0.5 kg)
  • Sizes: M/L, L/XL
  • Price: $140