High-Resolution Photometer

May 17, 2019
Radiant Vision System's latest photometer provides an extremely high CCD resolution for advanced measurement capability of light.

A 43-megapixel CCD imaging system, the ProMetric Y43 Imaging Photometer provides extremely high CCD resolution to enable advanced measurement capability for display and consumer electronics manufacturers. The Y43 complements the Y2, Y16, and Y29 models of Radiant’s ProMetric Y series of imaging systems, with superior imaging resolution for measuring high-definition displays at the pixel level, or for imaging electronic components and surfaces in maximum detail using a single camera.


The high spatial resolution of the Y43 allows the camera to detect pixel and subpixel luminance and color variations across display bright states (gray levels), subtle surface anomalies or particles, and other defects that are easily missed by human visual inspection or competitive measurement systems. Defects in images can be identified and quantified using Radiant’s TrueTest™ Automated Visual Inspection Software (available with tests for comprehensive display defect detection, mura identification & assessment, or application-specific testing of automotive displays, head-up displays, and augmented or virtual reality displays). TrueTest applies objective analysis and repeatable pass/fail criteria to Y-series images for fully automated quality control.


ProMetric Y-series imaging systems are engineered with scientific-grade, cooled interline CCD sensors that limit image noise for highly accurate, repeatable imaging. The ProMetric Y43 uses a 43-megapixel (8,040 x 5,360) CCD sensor with low image noise for repeatability inspecting small visual details. Time to measure a complete high-resolution display at several CCD pixels per display pixel is less than 1.5 seconds, enabling production-level applications such as in-line quality control. ProMetric Y imaging systems are available with an internal Tristimulus Y filter for photometric metrology applications (light and color measurement), or as a radiometric imager for radiant intensity measurements (for imaging surfaces and non-lit components, or measuring near-infrared light).


All ProMetric imaging systems are designed to simulate the human perception of brightness and color. Y-series camera systems combine the benefits of automation—speed, repeatability, and objective data—with the sensitivity of human vision to ensure that quality assessment of light and display products accurately reflects the human user’s experience. Each Y-series model is available with a variety of interchangeable lenses calibrated at each F-stop, enabling optimized measurements over a wide range of working distances and viewing angles.


ProMetric Y supports high-speed USB and Ethernet communications, with reliable operation over long distances. Smart Technology™ features, including electronic focus and aperture control, simplify setup via software, reduce measurement time, and improve accuracy. A ProMetric Y imaging photometer combined with Radiant TrueTest Software provides a complete, turnkey solution for testing a variety of displays, keyboards, illuminated components, cover glass, and device surfaces.

  • Faster measurements deliver shorter cycle times
  • Objective quantification is superior to subjective human inspection
  • Faster, more accurate test analysis improves yield
  • Smart Control™ for fast, precise setup:
    • Smart Control allows you to electronically adjust both focus and aperture settings of your lens.
  • Smart Calibration™ for automatic high-accuracy results:
    • ProMetric cameras offer a variety of electronically controlled lenses, each calibrated over a wide range of working distances and aperture settings. ProMetric systems monitor focal distance and aperture settings and automatically applies the correct flat field calibration, greatly simplifying setup and ensuring accurate measurement results.
  • Focal Distance:
    • Flat-field calibration; Image scaling
  • Device Spectral Power Distribution (SPD):
    • Luminance calibration; Color calibrations, such as one-color calibration, four-color calibration (depending on RGB or single-color emitters); LED and white phosphor LED calibration
  • Lensing effects:
    • Distortion calibration (if applicable)
  • High Speed: Minimum measurement time (photopic) to 0.3 seconds
  • High resolution, to 43 megapixels
  • IR measurements, using the IR-PMY2, IR-PMY16, and IR-PMY29, and IP-PMY43 Radiometer models
  • Multiple lens options: 20, 35, 50, 100 mm macro, and 200 mm
  • ProMetric control and analysis software is standard.
  • TrueTest™ Automated Visual Inspection Software and other software modules optional.