Easier Programming with One Touch

April 11, 2019

The latest release of the MARK 8 Synchrotorque Control System for use with variable speed and soft-start hydroviscous drives, offers a ‘one-touch’ menu screen that provides easier programming and more comprehensive data reporting but keeps its core legacy functions. 


Convenient operation along with ease of maintenance and monitoring were key goals of this upgrade. The user-friendly interface and built-in screen replace the previous external laptop control. The modular construction uses simplified field wiring connections as well as remote networking and I/O capabilities.


Software updates can now be completed using a USB thumb drive, with an Ethernet connection option also available. Diagnostics are presented as an easy-to-read line graph which allows for precision fine tuning. System troubleshooting is faster with the new alarm/fault log database that captures up to 100 faults to help recognize and resolve potential issues more quickly.


With more than a half-dozen enhancements, the new design improves the operator experience and ensures that the desired clutch output – be it speed, torque or pressure – is precisely managed to help control variable speed applications or help maintain an even, slow start for high-torque, high-load installations. Philadelphia Gear engineers drew from over 50 years of experience to develop this latest version.