DIN Rail Mounted Valve Controller Modules

April 9, 2023
Optimal Engineering's DIN rail mountable controllers feature both low and high-side drivers and can be used for open or closed-loop operation.

DIN Rail Mounted Proportional Valve Controller Modules are compact, low in weight, low in cost, and highly reliable. They feature both low and high-side drivers; the freewheeling flyback snubber diodes are present. Designed for open-loop operation, they're ideal for pressure control valves, flow control valves, solenoids, actuators, voice coil Motors, DC motors, and hydraulics. The closed-loop version is also available upon request.


The input control signals are 0 to 5V DC or 0 to 10V DC.


Microcomputers, PCs, IPCs, and PLCs using programs such as C/C++, Python, Visual Basic, and LabView, can also be used to send simple text messages for control. The RS-232 to TTL module, USB to TTL module, and Ethernet, a LAN, LAN to TTL module, allow other formats of communications to TTL signals.


These modules easily snap onto DIN Rails, require a single supply from 9 to 50V DC, have an average current of 4 A, and a peak current is 15 A.