ChromaScan Additive Manufacturing Software

Nov. 11, 2022
Chromatic 3D Materials' 3D printing software allows for a reduced environmental footprint with less material waste when using resins.

An additive manufacturing software for printing resin on non-planar surfaces, ChromaScan allows manufacturers to 3D print durable, flexible materials directly onto substrates of any shape including metal, plastic, and textiles. The result is industrial-strength adhesion between the printed material and the substrate without post-processing or assembly.


First, the software scans an object placed on the print bed. It then manipulates the print path, yielding a high-quality print that conforms to the surface below. The print application is precise with higher pass rates and better print quality which improves overall production yields.


With ChromaScan, manufacturers can reduce or eliminate post-processing and assembly with additional materials like adhesives and stitching. Benefits include faster and more efficient production, fewer labor and materials costs, and reduced environmental footprint with less material waste.