Carbide Burrs Increase Stock Removal

Dec. 21, 2018

Norton Carbide Burrs are designed for surface removal on demanding production runs with fewer changeovers. The hardness of a tungsten carbide substrate, stronger tooth formulation due to a decreased tooth wedge angle, and numerous cutting edges, all provide the Norton Double-Cut Carbide Burrs with a significantly extended life and better stock removal performance.


The Norton Double-Cut Carbide Burrs are ideal for efficiently removing surface stock and weld splatter, deburring and chamfering applications, along with medium to light cleaning. Specially designed tool geometries are ideally suited to meet the growing demands for stainless steel, steel, cast steel, and composites applications. The burrs perform well at higher temperatures and can be used longer than high-speed steel tools. 


The versatile Carbide Burrs can be used on handheld tools such as the new Norton Pneumatic Die Grinder or on automated CNC machines. The Norton Carbide Burr line encompasses thirty different tools and is offered in seven types including; SA Cylindrical without End Cut, SB Cylindrical with End Cut, SC Ball-Nosed Cylindrical, SD Ball Shape, SF Ball-Nosed Tree, SG Tree with Taper, and SL Ball-Nosed Cone style. A kit is also available, including the most popular five burr types for smaller job requirements.