Tread Depth Monitoring ‘Virtual Sensor’ System

March 17, 2022
Sensata Technologies' Tread Depth Monitoring ‘Virtual Sensor’ System is compatible with wide variety of tire brands and models.

Powered by NIRA Dynamics’ tread wear estimation software, the accurate tire Tread Depth Monitoring (TDM) ‘Virtual Sensor’ System for automotive OEMs improves vehicle safety, efficiency, and uptime. Along with optimizing tire health, it provides OEMs, drivers, and fleets with alerts when tires have worn to unsafe levels.


The virtual sensor system gathers and combines data from existing sensors on a vehicle to provide accurate insight about tire wear and tear.


The comprehensive solution tracks tires through changes and rotations. It uses a complex algorithm that can monitor the tread’s decreasing depth while compensating for a range of real-world environmental challenges.


The virtual TDM can be integrated into existing Electronic Control Units and is designed to work with many combinations of tire and vehicle designs. This allows vehicle manufacturers to quickly implement the solution across platforms without the need for custom software development.

  • Software-based solution paired with existing TPM Sensors enabling easy vehicle integration
  • Developed for light-duty passenger cars and trucks
  • Compatible with wide variety of tire brands and models
  • Can be paired with Tire RFID to enable robust tracking of tire tread depth even through annual winter/summer tire swaps and rotations