Smart Dust Management

Nov. 17, 2018
Donaldson offers a new smart software monitoring solution for dust management.

Monitoring industrial dust, fume, and mist collectors, a web-connected solution notifies owners to take early, cost-saving maintenance actions. The smart technology uses sensors and a controller to gather real-time data from a collector, apply analytics in the cloud, and relay insights back to the operator through a web-based dashboard and email or text alerts. Proper maintenance such as timely filter changes or earlier hopper cleaning can help prevent larger problems, assist in optimizing performance, and aid in reducing total dust and fume management costs over time.


The Donaldson solution can be installed on existing or new industrial dust and fume equipment. While benefits will vary, pilot tests have demonstrated significant savings in both time and costs. A frequent 3-hour maintenance job in one facility was reduced to just 15 minutes, for example, and premature filter wear in another was quickly discovered so that it could be diagnosed and solved remotely using historic data patterns.


The solution will be available in early 2019.

  • Sensors to gather data in real time as the equipment operates
  • IoT Gateway to send the data to the cloud
  • Data analytics developed by Donaldson data scientists to convert the data into meaningful insights
  • Web-enabled dashboard to view trends and historical behavior
  • Automated email alerts and reports providing operators with suggested actions