IEC Outlet

Nov. 28, 2018
offers up to 4 light pipes

Series 4710-5 is the next logical evolution of outlets used for the design of PDUs and UPSs. The IEC outlet series, Type J, rated 16 A at 250 VAC and 20 A according to UL, are equipped with IDC terminals for automating bussed connections of multiple outlets in series, while also providing options for specifying up to four light pipes.


The 4710-5 series provides a space and cost saving approach to status indication, which is often used to signal the equipment technician regarding system status of one kind or another, as for instance power surges and sags. Precisely fitted light guides provide support for light pipes in one or all corners of the outlet. The operation of each of the LEDs, mounted on the PCB, is channeled to the enclosure surface to indicate status. The light pipes are ordered as an accessory to be inserted after the outlets have been mounted and wired. Outlets are also offered in colors black, white and grey for multiphase distinction.


The use of IDC terminals is particularly efficient, allowing several outlets to be wired quickly and reliably in a single process step. The phase contact (L) is a PCB terminal for connection of maximum power to each outlet. Quick connect or solder terminals are available on request. IDC terminal configuration supports wiring "along" or "cross" to the outlet pin axis. Selection depends on the design of the PDU and the arrangement of the outlets, vertically (along) or horizontally (cross) one behind the other, orienting the wires to the direction of the strip. IDC terminals accept solid insulated wires, sizes 14-10 AWG.