Configure Products with AR

Sept. 20, 2018
Atlatl's 3D visual configurator gives users access to view product configurations in real-time.

Building on the success of the manufacturing-specific Visual CPQ platform, Config2AR gives users access to view product configurations from Atlatl's 3D Visual Configurator in augmented reality.


Sales Reps can now configure complex manufactured products with the QuoteBooks Visual CPQ platform, creating a configurable quote with a BOM, Sales Approval Drawings, and an augmented reality representation to create a holistic experience and understanding of the value of the product being quoted. 


Manufacturers work with the Atlatl Team to define their products artwork and rules to create the interactive configuration experience used by their sales channel. Once on-board the VCPQ platform, the Atlatl Config2AR feature brings quotes to life.  Users simply download the Config2AR app from the iTunes store, scan the QR code, and can view the 3D configuration in augmented reality.


Atlatl's fully integrated QuoteBooks Cloud is the only platform built specifically for the manufacturer-dealer/distributor relationship. QuoteBooks Cloud combines interactive 3D configuration with CPQ functionality and now AR capabilities to create a manufacturing-specific sales ecosystem.