eStop for Wash-Down Areas

Oct. 11, 2018
Rockford's emergency stop considerably reduces wiring costs for the plant.

Helping to simplify installation of emergency stops in facilities where hygiene and cleanliness are critical, the IP69K-rated Modular Emergency Stop (eStop) Safety Control System is a quick-disconnect wiring solution that consists of environmentally-sealed safety-wired ports and distribution boxes as well as durable patch cords available in multiple lengths.


Connecting eStops in series using the Modular Emergency Stop Safety Control System considerably reduces wiring costs, eases expansion and simplifies troubleshooting. Series circuits can be extended to a maximum size of up to four eStop buttons.


The system provides reliable connections between E-stops and safety relays in food, beverage, pharmaceuticals and other processing applications where equipment must be carefully sanitized. It withstands rigorous high-pressure, high-temperature wash-down procedures and prevents dust from penetrating the connection which can cause it to fail.


To meet OSHA/ANSI safety standards, plant machinery must be fitted with eStops so that hazards can be averted in the case of an emergency. The Modular Emergency Stop Safety Control System allows eStops to be easily added or removed with minimal cost. Machinery can be designed with greater flexibility; plus inactive machine parts can be shut-off to reduce energy consumption.


The Modular Emergency Stop Safety Control Systems is intended for use with dry-contact safety switches.

  • Reduce installation cost
  • Ease system expansion
  • Simplify troubleshooting
  • Promote system modularity
  • Provide for Safety PLC input expansion
  • Support systems up to Category 3 (per EN954-1)
  • Modular design allows replacement/quantity of push buttons to be quickly and easily changed
  • External mounting feet for faster installation
  • Illuminated
  • 24V DC
  • 1 N.C. SMCB, 1 N.C., 1 N.O.
  • IP69K solution, ideal for high pressure, wash down applications