Detect Wasted Power

Oct. 11, 2018
Marsh Bellofram offers a power meter that features a bar graph for current representation.

Facility managers can easily measure and monitor power quality and demand via six critical parameters of their electrical systems with the VCFP96M Multifunction Meter. It is a complete single-phase and three-phase digital metering system, suitable for low, medium, and high-voltage control panels, gensets, load banks, building management systems, and power management systems.


Monitoring the power factor of equipment is especially helpful when attempting to determine where electrical inefficiencies exist. The farther below a factor of 1, the less efficiently the equipment is using electricity. Facility managers can use the information to eliminate costly “phantom power” usage, and to replace with more efficient equipment to avoid fines from power suppliers.


The VCFP96M can be used on single-phase, three-phase three wire, as well as three-phase four wire balanced or unbalanced systems. The six easy-to-access front control keys are used for scrolling up or down through the parameters being measured and displayed. They include voltage, current, power factor, power (active, reactive, apparent), energy, and frequency.


The VCFP96M multifunction meter is permanently installed into the panel box. Output specifications include pulse output and RS485 Modbus RTU communication protocol compatible with PC, PLC, RTU, data loggers, and SCADA programs. The VCFP96M is available in a 96 x 96 mm housing (front panel IP65) with red LED display for easy viewing in a variety of conditions.


It features a display that is easy to read with four rows, LCD backlight, and a convenient bar graph for current representation.