High-Efficiency DC/DC Converter

Aug. 22, 2018
The converter from Murata is fully isolated to 1,500Vdc.

The 1 kW DRQ-11.4/88-L48 Series of quarter brick, intermediate bus, DC/DC converter modules address the growing power requirements of high-reliability networking and telecommunications infrastructure equipment. The fully regulated series provides 11.4Vout at 88 A, with a Vin Range of 36 to 60Vdc, operating from 48Vdc battery systems or networking equipment that operates at 54Vin. This fixed frequency, 1 kW rated bus converter boasts an industry leading efficiency level of 97%.


  • Designed for Regulated Intermediate Bus Architectures (RIBA)
  • Parallel load sharing of two or more modules
  • Monotonic Startup into Pre-Bias Output Conditions
  • Over-Current & Over-Temperature Protection
  • Stable No-Load Operation
  • Negative Logic Standard Configuration (Positive Logic Optional)
  • Up To +85° C Thermal Performance (With Derating)
  • Remote On/Off Enable Control
  • Fully Isolated to 1500Vdc



  • Integrated baseplate design provides thermal performance and flexibility for end use thermal management
  • Supports pre-biased start-up and eliminates reverse current issues during system start and shutdown
  • Wide 2:1 input voltage range meets the requirements for 48V Battery systems in telecommunications applications