Online Support Tools

June 27, 2018
INDEX Corporation's suite of online tools establishes a single interface for a broad spectrum of information and functionality.

iXworld, a n online portal that expands service offerings and establishes a single interface for a broad spectrum of information and functionality, puts everything you need at your fingertips. At launch, iXworld will include four distinct areas: iX4.0, iXplore, iXshop and iXservices. This suite of services will provide customers with fast, secure connectivity, production data, remote diagnostics, spare parts ordering from the machine and more, all designed to minimize downtime and further boost machine utilization rates. Scheduled for an official launch in early 2019, the portal will make its North American debut at IMTS 2018, where attendees can visit INDEX Corporation in booth #338136 for firsthand experience.


iX4.0 enables remote and automated monitoring and reporting of machines that have been equipped with a genubox, a dedicated piece of hardware that provides highly secure remote access via an encrypted online connection. All INDEX machines sold since 2016 have included a genubox and all machines sold since 2007 can be upgraded with one. Through iX4.0, users can conduct usage analysis, set automatic notifications for specific conditions that occur, monitor machine data such as vibrations and temperature and incorporate predictive maintenance to maximize machine uptime.
iXplore provides easy and intuitive access to a variety of relevant information from INDEX, including technical information and training schedules. This area also includes tools to enable collaboration between customers and INDEX’s applications engineers and will also offer user group forums for networking and discussion with peers.


iXservices encompasses a wide range of functions related to identifying spare parts, tracking fault reports, calculating cycle times and receiving real-time support from INDEX engineers. iXservices provides a comprehensive overview of the machine and its components, simplifying problem solving in the event of an issue. This can include the use of data glasses and teleservice for an INDEX engineer to virtually engage with a machine operator and provide assistance with troubleshooting or maintenance.


iXshop replaces Infoshop, INDEX’s longstanding online shop for ordering spare parts and requesting services, as well as tracking the status and history of orders. iXshop can also be configured to connect with a customer’s ERP, allowing for simplified procurement and logistics management.