Variable Light Sensor Flashlight

June 26, 2018
Pelican Products' latest flashlight automatically regulates power as needed.

The safety certified Pelican 3345 LED flashlight as the first flashlight with a variable light sensor that automatically adjusts brightness to its surroundings.


With dual beam, spot, and flood capability, it delivers up to 280 lumens with both beams, 117 lumens in flood mode, and 219 lumens in spot mode – allowing the user maximum versatility. The dual beams provide the ability to illuminate a pathway and at a distance simultaneously. For those jobs that go into overtime, the Pelican 3345 flashlight’s variable light sensor automatically regulates power as needed, which stretches run time to its ultimate potential.


Unlike most flashlights on the market, the Pelican 3345 flashlight has a full-time battery level indicator integrated into the switch and carries IPX7 ingress protection, allowing it to be used in the most inclement weather conditions and for work in hazardous areas around the globe.


  • Variable Light Output
  • Dual Beams (Spot & Flood)
  • Safety Certified, Class I, II, III, Division 1/IECEx ia
  • Full Time Battery Level Indication
  • Integrated Clip