Visualization for Industry 4.0

June 5, 2018
Virtalis' VR sustem has interactive capabilities to enhance communication of ideas.

The latest version of Visionary Render, Virtalis’ flagship engineering VR software, delivers the ability to share 3D models across an enterprise thanks to its cloud-based structure.  It supports dynamic, interactive virtual environments that can be shared across a variety of devices.


Visionary Render 2 is unique in that it acts as a platform linking both structured and unstructured data, meaning CAD PLM can be brought together with any mix of data from IOT, laser scans, point clouds, weather feeds and more.These giant data sets can then be rendered at lightning speed.Thanks to its mesh network, it can stream to a range of devices, including tablets, all while maintaining vital security and data integrity features.


With a new pay-as-you-go VR as a Service (VRaaS) pricing structure, as well as traditional annual and node/floating licenses, more businesses than ever before will be able to benefit from the extra insight and dimension that VR/visualization brings and share work collaboratively with colleagues.Visionary Render 2 is accessible to teams wherever they are in the world, via tablets, laptops, workstations, HMDs and full 3D/VR ActiveWorks display systems.The software even removes onerous compute demands, because the “Mixed Mode” means that models can be streamed, with the data kept remote and secure. The gallery-based workflow allows ‘drag and drop’ modelling for faster creation of convincing environments.