Easy Data Integration for Modbus PLCs

April 5, 2018
dataFEED uaGate MB enables easy and secure integration of process and machine data.

The Softing gateway dataFEED uaGate MB enables easy and secure integration of process and machine data coming from Modbus PLCs with IoT- and Industry 4.0 solutions.Softing's new dataFEED uaGate MB is a gateway for communication between Modbus PLCs in industrial automation networks and IT applications. The product provides access to process- and machine data via the OPC UA interoperability standard and via the MQTT protocol. It supports relevant IT security standards such as SSL encryption and X.509 certificates, and it can connect multiple applications in parallel. 


OPC UA has established itself as the predominant interoperability standard for OT/IT integration, and MQTT is the preferred communication protocol for many cloud based applications and IoT platforms. The gateway also supports hybrid architectures, running partly on premises, partly in the cloud. 


dataFEED uaGate MB extends connectivity to Modbus PLCs, supports globally recognized security standards, and is field proven since it is based on the same hardware platform as the dataFEED uaGate SI.