Auto-Lock Tape Measures

April 27, 2018
Milwaukee's latest tape measures have a 5-point reinforced frame for drop protection with an easy auto-locking feature.

Auto-Lock Tape Measures feature a blade that automatically locks once it's extended to the users' chosen length. Users then simply depress the lock mechanism to retract the blade. With Nylon Bond Blade Protection, and a 5-point reinforced frame for drop protection, these tape measures are extremely durable.


Sizes available are 16 or 25 ft (5 or 8 m).

  • Up to 12-in. (305 mm) of reach
  • Auto-lock easily locks blade in place
  • Nylon blade protection
  • Impact-resistant 5-point reinforced frame
  • Fractional scale
  • Stamped steel belt clip
  • Lanyard-ready for quick and easy tethering