IIoT System Integrates Planning and Execution

Jan. 3, 2018
TouchPath makes real-time data available to planning and manufacturing execution systems.

‘TouchIoT’ is an IIoT system that makes the big, real-time data generated by shop floor and warehouse machines available to manufacturing requirements planning (MRP/ERP) and manufacturing execution (MES) systems for smarter business decision making. TouchIoT communicates with production, packaging and distribution and other automated processes to extract information that can then be posted to ERP and other systems and also displayed on a KPI dashboard to manage live shift production problems and performance. The same IIoT-driven technology can also be used to monitor security, temperature control and other specialist systems.


TouchIoT uses TouchPath’s latest technology platform, TransitionWorks v.6.0.3 which follows the OPC (OLE for Process Control) industry open standard, enabling interoperability between devices and systems in industrial automation. According to analyst Gartner by 2020 more than half of major new business processes and systems will incorporate some element of the Internet of Things.