4-Wire Complementary Output Sensors

Dec. 5, 2017
Carlo Gavazzi Automation Components offers a 4-wire output sensor that is ideal for position and presence sensing.

ICB Series expands with the 4-Wire Complementary Output Inductive Proximity Sensors. For people who cannot afford to have a line down due to the lack of an available part, having the correct components for replacement, means significant reduction of machine downtime. They provide both a Normally Open and Normally Closed Output in the same package for easy replacement, without compromising performance. Based upon the popular ICB Series platform, the 4-wire DC sensors are offered in:

  • Short or long barrel
  • Flush or non-flush mounting
  • NPN or PNP type
  • M12 plug for quick disconnect or 2 m pre-wired cable
  • Standard or extended sensing distances (reaching up to 22 mm)


The 4-Wire Complementary Output Inductive Proximity Sensors feature:

  • Integrated diagnostics LED
  • IP67 rating to protect against water and humidity penetration 
  • Built-in microcontroller for accurate and repeatable operation 
  • Conformance to global standards such as UL 508 and IEC 60947-5-2


These 4-wire sensors are ideal for position and presence sensing for various types of applications found in the Material Handling, Machine Tool and Packaging industries.