HGW 1033 Operating Panel Provides Multi-Touch and Safety Functions

Nov. 28, 2017
Sigmatek U.S. Automation, Inc. offers a handheld wireless panel with multi-touch and safety functions on a 10.1-in. screen.

The wireless handheld panel HGW 1033 pulls out all the stops in operating comfort. First, through wireless data transfer, the meter-long cables in the production hall have been eliminated. Second, the mobile panel has a 10.1-in. multi-touch display (PCT) that is suitable for industrial applications and offers a wide range of visualization options and an intuitive operating concept.


The modern HMI is already equipped with Safety functions: Confirmation button, key switch and a lighting emergency stop button. When inactive, the button appears gray. An illuminated red mushroom button indicates that the HGW 1033 is correctly linked to the system and the Safety elements are ready to use. As with the function-oriented data, the Safety data is transmitted via the standard WLAN network but according to the Black Channel Principle. With the wireless HMI, the machine operator can flexibly select the inspection points and operate multiple machines, robots or system units at the same time with only one panel. For this purpose, a safe 7-segment display for machine identification is integrated.


A dual-core EDGE2 Technology processor provides the necessary visualization power, as well as the integrated battery back, which guarantees 2 hours of continuous use without having to recharge the mobile panel. The wireless panel supports OPC-UA communication and includes a USB interface as standard. Optionally, an RFID reader can be integrated to authorize access levels for example.


Fully equipped, the HGW 1033 weighs 1,500 g including Safety elements and battery pack – it therefore fits light in hand compared to other handheld devices and thereby ensures low-fatigue operation.  On the grip unit located on the back, there are magnets that allow the HMI to be placed on the machine component without a mount – a practical added feature.


  • Mobile, wireless operating panel with data transfer via WLAN
  • High-performance EDGE2 Technology processor
  • OPC UA communication
  • 10.1-in. WXGA color display, multi-touch (projective capacitive), 800 x 1280 pixels
  • Safety elements: Emergency stop, confirmation button and key switch
  • Battery pack integrated: 2 hours continuous-load operation without recharging
  • Light: only 1,500 g including battery pack and Safety elements