Compressed Filter Line Expands Air Flow Coverage

Nov. 3, 2017
Kaeser Compressors has expanded its line of air filters to cover flows from 20 to 11,875 cfm.

The compressed air filter line has been expanded to cover flows from 20 to 11,875 cfm. These rugged filters deliver reliable compressed air quality with a low-pressure drop for energy savings year after year.


The larger capacity filters include bowl-style housings with a bayonet-style connection for flows from 650 to 1,130 cfm. Pressure vessel style filters begin at 1,250 cfm and cover flows up to 11,875 cfm. The pressure vessels are ASME/CRN rated and feature full vessel-diameter access for simplified maintenance.


The comprehensive line includes a liquid separator, particulate, coalescing, and oil vapor adsorbing filters to meet a wide range of air quality needs for any ISO 8573.1 air quality level. Particulate and coalescing filters feature deep pleated filter elements wrapped in stainless steel cages for superior filtration and increased efficiency. Vapor filters use high-efficiency carbon matting to prevent channeling, reduce pressure drop, and prevent particles from escaping.