Dust Removal that Delivers

Nov. 13, 2017
General Equipment Company offers a portable vacuum that collects fine dust particles.

Ideal for use with its extensive line of surface grinders, planers, and other surface preparation solutions, the VS220 Portable Vacuum System offers an effective dust control system that balances power, performance, and utility.


Featuring a 99% efficient at 0.5 micron pre-filter and a 99.7% efficient at 0.3 micro HEPA secondary filter, the VS220 captures fine dust particles, allowing users to comply with OSHA respirable crystalline silica exposure regulations (OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1153). The unit includes separate 2 and 3-in. diameter dust port connections for either simultaneous or independent operation. This offers greater versatility over single-port designs and better accommodates specific dust control requirements.


Constructed of high-density polyurethane with a heavy-duty welded steel frame, the VS220 is easy to maneuver with 5-in. diameter casters. It’s designed to offer a low center of gravity, providing greater stability over traditional vertical, canister style vacuums that are prone to tipping over and being damaged when pulled by the hose.


Emptying the dust collected simply requires engaging the foot-operated hopper release lever. The integral clean filter indicator light makes it obvious when filter cleaning is required. In addition, the manual filter shaker system design is user friendly, more reliable, and lasts longer than automatic, pulse-style cleaning options.


The VS220 is powered by two, 115 VAC, 60 Hz single-speed electric motors, which produce a peak of 2.6 HP. It produces an air flow volume of 220 CFM (6.3 CMM) and water lift suction of 110 in. (2,794 mm). Overall filter size is 18.3 square feet (1.7 m2). The dust hopper capacity is 12.5 gallons (47.3 L).

Electric Motor: Two, 115 VAC, 60 HZ, single speed motors
Peak Horsepower (2 motors): 2.6
Maximum Amperage (2 motors): 17 Amperes

Volume Flow: 220 CFM (6.3 CMM)
Water Lift (Suction): 110 in (2794 mm) 

Pre-filter: 99% efficient
Secondary Filter: 99.7% efficient HEPA
Filter Size: 18.3 square ft (1.7 m2)
Pre- Filter Construction: pre-filter geo- synthetic polyfelt pleated
HEPA Secondary Filter Construction: PTFE pleated media

Material: High density, UV resistant polyethylene housing and welded, steel frame
Dust Hopper Capacity: 12.5 US Gallons (47.3 L)
Hose: Comes standard with 25 ft (7.6 M) of 3 in (76.2 mm) diameter flexible hose and coupler; 25 ft (76.2 M),2 in (50.8 mm) diameter hose, coupler and wand are optional
Weight: 100 lb. (15 kg)

Height: 35.3 in (896.6 mm)
Length: 34.5 in (876.3 mm)
Width: 19 in (482.6 mm)