Efficient Fluid Management

Nov. 14, 2017
Baumer Electeric Ltd. now provides flow sensors as well as temperature sensors.

With their FlexFlow family of flow and temperature sensors, Baumer has expanded their process sensor portfolio. Based on the calorimetric measurement principle, the FlexFlow family can monitor both flow velocity as well as media temperature. The sensors have IO-Link and, depending on settings and connections, either two switching outputs or one switching and one analog output (4 to 20 mA/ 0 to 10 V). The PF20H and PF20S versions are suitable for hygienic and industrial applications.


The combination of two measuring functions in one sensor reduces the number of measuring points in closed systems and minimizes costs of installation, service and storage. Thanks to their symmetrical, centered design, the sensors can be optimally installed in the process independent of their installation position and orientation. This guarantees precise measurements and process safety.


Several sensors can be simultaneously configured via IO-Link. This simplifies switching point adjustment for different process stages during setup or batch changeover and saves time. Diagnostic data polling and evaluation is possible at all times, increasing system uptime.


FlexFlow sensors have a robust stainless steel housing with integrated electronics and evaluation unit. Complex wiring and control cabinet assembly as well as additional user interfaces are therefore not required. This simplifies operation and allows efficient process management.


All models are temperature resistant to 150°C and thus CIP and SIP-capable.


  • Flow measurement for hygienic and industrial applications
  • For aqueous media in closed systems
  • IO-Link interface
  • Various process connections and probe lengths