Respirator Allows Risk-Free Asbestos Removal

Sept. 27, 2017
Scott Safety has enhanced its respirator to provide clean air and ultimate vision.

Delivering clean filtered air in accordance with the latest European best practice for asbestos removal, Phantom Vision provides a virtually unrestricted field of view, simplified decontamination, cleaning and maintenance, and low through life costs.


In addition to its potted motor to stop water ingress, Phantom Vision’s key electrical components are coated with high quality metal, increasing the solutions robustness and further protecting the electronics. A further enhancement is a waterproof switch at the mask for ease of operation. 

Key features of the Phantom Vision include:

  • Designed in extensive consultation with Powered RPE users
  • Lightweight and provides great visibility
  • Water resistant components
  • Optimized electronics, motor and battery for increased durability and reliability
  • Simplified maintenance and intuitive re-assembly between uses
  • Available in three sizes to suit the widest range of users