Collet Chuck Boosts Spindle Capacity

Aug. 4, 2017
Lexair's full-bore collet chuck increases its spindle capacity.

This full-bore, fixed length, self-contained collet chuck allows full capacity spindle operation, due to elimination of the drawtube. When using the Full Bore chuck, spindle capacity is boosted as much as 30 percent, and clamping pressure is unaffected by centrifugal force, regardless of RPM. An adjustable grip lightly grasps delicate tubing or clamps tight for deep rough-cutting operations. Perfect for bar feeding or slugging, the chuck can be used on main or sub spindles, rotary indexers and machining center tables.


The chuck’s open/close time is less than one half-second, and it provides true dead length clamping with no drawback. A mechanical locking action holds the workpiece, even without air pressure, for failsafe operation. The chuck uses air to release the work, rather than secure it, and spring force holds the workpiece while it is being machined. The chuck has full concentricity adjustment to help maintain accuracy when using Master collets with S-type pads.

It is available in seven models with body diameters from 6 to 14 in., and bar capacity from 2 to 5.5 in. It also features direct spindle mounting for A5, A6, A8 and A11 tooling.