Refrigerated Dryer Removes All Liquid

Aug. 3, 2017
La-Man Corp. delivers a refrigerated air dryer that uses a unique heat exchanger.

Using a unique 3-in-1 heat exchanger to first pre-cool the air, second to refrigerate the air to condense out all liquid vapors, and third returns heat to the air to prevent downstream pipe sweating and condensation, is the Refrigerated Air Dryer.


Product features include an on/off switch, power on light, dewpoint indicator, programmable timed solenoid drain, quiet operation and compact footprint.  Maximum Inlet Pressure is 232 PSI. 

  • Lighted Power ON / OFF Switch
  • dew point indicator                       
  • inlet pressure range = 20 to 232 psig               
  • inlet temperature range = 40° to 149° F
  • ambient air temperature range = 41°  to 122° F
  • Electrical requirements: 115vac/50/60cyc/1ph