ITS Solution Is the Whole Package

July 21, 2017
Vision Components GmbH is offering a complete package for traffic control.

A complete modular ITS solution for OEM manufacturers with all components needed for traffic control is now available. The package comprises the Carrida Software Engine, Carrida Cam, VC Flash infrared area lighting module, and the Q-Board, which turns IP cameras into smart cameras. The solution is suitable for applications such as access control, toll and speed control, traffic analysis, and fleet management. The individual products can be freely combined as needed or integrated into existing systems based on customer requirements.


With a typical processing time of 30 ms and a reading accuracy of more than 96%, the Carrida software engine is a fast and accurate ALPR/ANPR library (Automatic License Plate Reader or Automatic Number Plate Reader) that reliably detects dirty, damaged, or slanted license plates in countries around the world.


Carrida Cam combines the advantages of this software package with the outdoor ruggedness and compactness of the 88 x 58 x 36 mm sized VC pro Z smart camera. Due to its low power consumption (less than 3 W), this camera can act as a standalone system.


The Q-Board PCB presents users with a cost-effective way to convert existing systems into automated systems. Based on a dual-core ARM Zynq processor clocked at 2 x 866 MHz, Q-Board can be connected to any IP camera, turning it into an intelligent ITS system with video streaming by using the Carrida engine. With a form factor of 40 x 50 mm, this board requires very little installation space.


For optimum brightness, VC Flash facilitates powerful infrared area lighting. Equipped with 24 high-power LEDS as well as its own power source, this lighting module is specifically designed for road applications.


The ITS package is completed by Carrida Parking Management, a fully automated OEM solution that allows for quick and simple integration in existing barrier systems and infrastructures and is also fully functional as a standalone system.