Production Planning Software

July 7, 2017
Fastems, LLC has improved their software with some new updates based on feedback from their customers.

Fastems’ Manufacturing Management Software (MMS) is a progressive solution for automatic production processing, complete with planning, controlling, visualization, and monitoring capabilities. The software will plan the production straight from an ERP system or PSS (Pallet Stacker System) based on a manufacturer's current order and available resources.  MMS administrates all NC programs needed for the production processes and uses all the tool data while monitoring tool life and prompts the operator for new tooling if required. MMS is also capable of rearranging the schedule in real time for an urgent order, taking into account the changed production process priorities.


MMS Version 6 offers critical benefits to users – both on the shop floor and at the management level. The user interface is based on HTML 5 technologies which supports various hardware platforms and operating systems, creating key prerequisites for the smooth transformation production processes as defined by Industry 4.0. As a browser-based solution, it makes it possible to access current production information from anywhere in the world via secure internet connections. This solution makes it possible to monitor live production data on any electronic device with internet access.


Additional improvements include utilities for advance production order planning and simulation of the anticipated capacity usage level in an automatic production process, along with the related order-dependent production schedule. MMS Version 6 does not only provide more concise insights into the ongoing production processes, but also enables users to plan future manufacturing runs much more precisely. The expanded MMS planning tool provides the user with an optimized overview of the current production process, its progression through the system, and the completion of orders by the deadline date.