Linear Stroboscope Facilitates Web Inspection

Feb. 2, 2005
Checkline LS Series linear stroboscope is ideal for visually inspecting web-type products such as labels, printed material, textiles, metals, non-wovens, and more. An extra-bright Xenon light source and highly polished reflector generate exceptional light intensity and uniformity. Rugged steel enclosure is designed to dissipate heat and eliminate the need for heat sinks. • Energy Output .72 joules • Flash Duration 10us • Flash Range Internal Control:400-6000 FPM External Control: unlimited • Flash Frequency Adjustment INTERNAL, using 10-turn potentiometer EXTERNAL, using external trigger sensor • Flash Brightness Level INTERNAL, using potentiometer (50-100%) EXTERNAL, 10:1 using voltage input (1.5-6 Vdc) Illumination 180 ft-c (1960 Lux), measured at 2400 fpm Coverage, Maximum Web • Width LS-10-6000: 24 inches (600 mm) LS-15-6000: 36 inches (900 mm) • Trigger Supply Regulated 12VDC @100mA • External Trigger Input Signal +5V at 20mA NPN • Frequency Adjustment Variable Control • External Sensor Types magnetic pickups, contact closures or open collectors (NPN) Display None • Operating Temp Range -10 to 110° F (-23 to 43° C) • Operating Humidity Range 0 to 90% noncondensing • Body Material Fabricated Metal Enclosure • Weight LS-10-6000: 4.2 lbs (1.9 Kg) LS-15-6000: 5.6 lbs (2.6 Kg) Dimensions LS-10-6000: 10"L x 5.4"W x 6.4"H (without mounting bracket) LS-15-6000: 15"L x 5.4"W x 6.4"H (without mounting bracket) • Power Requirement 115/230 VAC 50/60Hz (Specify prior to order) • Power Consumption 0.5A Maximum • Flash Tube Life 100 million flashes (While maintaining 70% of initial intensity) Accessories Available Label Sensor, Extra Tube, Cables Customization Options Electronics, Lamp, UV, Kelvin Correction, Color Correction, etc. Warranty 1 year