Microscope Coaxial Device for Alignment & Vision Applications

Dec. 1, 2005
23rd November 2005 Microscope Coaxial Device for Alignment & Vision ApplicationsAvailable from Moritex the Super Optical Device 3 (SOD-III) is a compact unit (170 x 70 x 36 mm) optimised for machine vision and inspection applications that require mounted lens and lighting. The SOD-III comprises an optical body that uses coaxial episcopic illumination to image flat surfaces. When used in conjunction with metallurgical microscope lenses, the SOD-III produces images of the highest quality. Compatible with a wide variety of different manufacturers 'bright field' lenses and offering flexible mounting options the SOD-III is the perfect device for applications including fibre end inspection, liquid crystal inspection and alignment, wafer inspection and alignment, machine tool alignment and automated inspection of small components. To enhance the versatility of the SOD-III customers can choose from a suite of high performance peripherals including cameras and light guides. Moritex is an internationally renowned manufacturer of lightweight, telecentric micro machine lenses, fibre-optic illumination and optical lensing systems for various machine vision and inspection applications. For further information on the SOD-III please contact Moritex.