Historic Landmark for Versatile Video Capture Device

Dec. 1, 2005
16th November2005 Historic Landmark for Versatile Video Capture DeviceIn November 2005, Moritex expects to ship its 1,000th PalmScope™ video capture device. Originally introduced in 2003, and enhanced over the last few years, the handheld PalmScope™ has become an internationally recognised solution for any application in which sequences of still images or video clips need to be captured and stored from a video source. Due to its versatility, robustness, portability and high performance the PalmScope™ has been adopted by a diverse group of equipment manufacturers as their video capture device of choice in order to provide a integrated inspection, image capture and data archiving solution. In combination with a SnakeEye™ camera system the PalmScope™ is providing a powerful portable solution for outdoor inspection, data capture and archiving of images from bridges and highways, drains and sewers, pipelines and plant maintenance. In conjunction with a video microscope the PalmScope™ is providing manufacturers and users of fibre systems with a versatile tool for inspecting, video recording and image storage of images of the ends of fibre connectors in-situ. In the healthcare sector the PalmScope™ is being used in conjunction with endoscopes, borescopes and ultrasound equipment to produce and archive patient images in digital rather than analogue format. The ongoing development of PalmScope™ is also bringing its powerful capabilities into a range of new applications including forensic analysis, police operations as well as aerospace and automotive inspection and faultfinding. PalmScope™ is a unique product that captures still images or video clips onto a removable CompactFlash card. It is compatible with both PAL and NTSC, composite or S-video (optional) signals. A built-in 6.5" TFT LCD display allows you to preview the video before saving it to the memory card. Video clips are captured at full NTSC or PAL resolution, at 30 or 25 frames per second (fps) respectively, and stored in Motion-JPEG (MJPEG) compressed format, allowing approximately 3 minutes of video to be stored on a 128MB CompactFlash card. Still images are stored in a compressed JPEG format, and over 1000 images can be stored on a 128MB CompactFlash card. Storage capacity is limited only by the size of the CompactFlash card used, a 2GB card will hold many thousands of images or approximately 80 minutes of video. PalmScope™ has been designed for ease-of-use and convenience. Captured images and video clips are automatically named with the date and a sequence label. Images can be organised with an overlay of up to 10 lines of text using an optional standard PC keyboard. The PalmScope™ includes a convenient thumbnail gallery feature with cataloguing functions to help in archiving and retrieving images. PalmScope™ includes a range of cataloguing functions help in archiving and retrieving them, including the ability to rename, delete and move or copy images between folders. An individual image may be selected for full size viewing. Alternatively images can be easily transferred to a PC where they can be displayed or processed by any suitable image editing software. PalmScope™ is simple to operate, using intuitive onscreen displays, and the keypad can be operated even when wearing gloves or protective clothing. For convenience the PalmScope™ can be switched for either left- or right-handed use and offers a choice of language for all on-screen display operations in English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. For further information on the PalmScope™ please contact Moritex.